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8 Months Old – Jupiter Baby Photography on Film

I found an undeveloped roll of film in my camera bag a few weeks ago and it was such a sweet surprise getting these

Afternoon Fun – South Florida Family Lifestyle Photography

Getting great portraits of children can be tough, but I think even more so when they’re your own! I snapped these

3 Months Old – Palm Beach Baby Photography

Whenever I have some shots left on a roll of film after a wedding, I try to finish it off with some photos of my own

Norah Elise – South Florida Newborn Photography

These are a little late in coming, but we are happy to finally share some photos of the newest addition to our

Two Thousand Fourteen in Review- South Florida Wedding Photography

2014: What a year you’ve been! We’ve done an incredible 34 weddings this year and every single one was

Portraits – Palm Beach Children’s Photography

Can’t believe this kid is almost two! Love him to the moon and back!

Summer on Film – Palm Beach Baby and Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Occasionally (not nearly as often as I’d like to or should) I take out the camera to snap a few shots of my

Two Thousand Thirteen in Review

I know that this year in review is a little late in coming, but I figured since it is still January for a couple more